Compound Center Portal

Compound Center Portal

This portal is for submitting orders for services provided by the Compound Center. To make an order, please log in and choose the application most suitable for your project.

To be able to request compounds you need an account, please register on this page.

Compound Center will be closed 26th - 30th of October.

Acoustic dispensing

Compound Submission 2019

For submitting compounds to Compound Center. Synthezised by chemist, sent from PI group or purchased from vendor. NOTE for DDD: NO LISTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM NOW _ FILL IN THE TABLE - THANK YOU!

IP request 2019

For identity and purity analysis of compounds

SCREEN LIBRARY_ single point in assay ready plates 2020

For larger requests of single point echo-dispensed assay plates. Ready screen libraries or virtuel cherrypicked plates

Screen Follow Up - 3-points hit confirmation in assay ready plates

For follow up requests after screen. Hitconfirmation (3-point)

Screen Follow Up DoseResponse - 9-/11-points and analogs in assay ready plates

For follow up requests after screen.DoseResponse (9-points/11-points) and analoges (9-points/11-points)

Cherrypicked compounds (solid or stock solution)

For smaller requests of cherrypicked compounds and analoges. Only Single point. Delivered in plates or vials. For cherrypicked compounds to dose response use form for followup 9-/11point.

Special Request 2019

For Covid-19 requests or other requests that doesn´t fit any of the existing forms.

Assay optimazation kit

A kit to optimize your assay. Contains 4 compound pre-screen plates (diverse commercial screening compounds), one dirty plate (autoflouroscence, metal chelats, redox cpds etc) and 2 plates with DMSO. These are included when screening the CBCS 33K Primary Screening Set. Otherwise the Assay optimaization kit comes with a cost of 2500 SEK (INDI not included)


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