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Compound Center is a shared facility between
Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS) are hosted by SciLifeLab, a Swedish national center for molecular biosciences with focus on health and environmental research.
Acoustic dispensing
Compound Center is managing the Scilifelab Compound Collection, where academic research groups have access to more than 200 000 small molecules for biological screening purposes. The collection is suitable for different type of test systems, spanning from isolated targets via phenotypic cell based assays to test system based on whole organisms as parasites or plants. After obtaining hit compounds, follow up material are available for further validation and downstream profiling.
Compound center and its REMP Small-Size Store (SSS) offer fully automated storage and retrieval of compounds organized in 96-tube racks. The REMP Small-Size Store (SSS) provide a capacity of 75 000 tubes today, but will be expanded to a capacity of 200 000 tubes when our newly purchased system arrives. Each tube is containing a compound in 10mM DMSO solution stored in - 20 °C under humidity control. The facility has access to a fully automated Bravo pipetting system (Agilent) and/or an Acoustic liquid handler (Labcyte Echo 550) for high throughput delivery of compounds to screen.

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