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Compound Center is a facility that provides support to Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS) and Drug Discovery and Development hosted by SciLifeLab, a Swedish national center for molecular biosciences with focus on health and environmental research.

Acoustic dispensing

Compound Center is managing the Scilifelab Compound Collection, where academic research groups have access to approximately 350 000 small molecules for biological screening purposes. The collection is based on donations of high-quality sets from the pharmaceutical industry (Biovitrum, Karobio, Orexo/Biolipox, KDev) and has been developed and expanded with compounds from various commercial compound vendors. It is organized into representative screening sets, spanning from chemically diverse sets to approved drugs and pharmacological tool compounds. Various focused sets are also available such as kinase-, GPCRs- and PPI-targeted compounds. The SLL primary screening set is designed for a variety of bioassays, from exploring of isolated targets, phenotypic cell-based assays to test system based on whole organisms such as parasites, zebrafish, and plants. The compounds have lead- to drug-like properties with respect to parameters such as molecular weight, hydrogen bond acceptors and donors, lipophilicity and polar surface area. Filters addressing reactivity, PAINs and aggregation issues have been applied to assure tractable hit compounds. After obtaining hit compounds, follow up material are available for further validation and downstream profiling.
Compound Center and its STT3K-Kiwi store offer fully automated storage and retrieval of compounds organized in 96-tube racks. The STT3K-Kiwi store provide a capacity of 224 000 tubes. Each tube is containing a compound in 10mM DMSO solution stored in - 20 °C under humidity control. We have access to a fully automated Bravo pipetting system (Agilent) for high throughput delivery of compounds to screen or further nano dispensing . The facility is managing the national acoustic dispensing center with a Labcyte Echo 550 fully integrated with a Labcyte access station and a "on-the-side" Labcyte Echo 525. We offer open access to research groups after proper education.
Compound Center
The key elements of compound management include:
1. The management, storage, and processing of both solids and liquids.
2. Compound delivery and interface with key customers.
3. Performance of instruments and automation that support these operations.
4. Analytical techniques used for quality assurance.
5. Sample informatics, including registration and compound quality data.

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